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Dakshina Chitra in Chennai

Driving along the ECR you can find a unique heritage village, showcasing lifestyles of people from the southern states of India. Dakshinachitra was launched so as to bring to the fore cultural and artistic aspects of south India. The Madras Craft Foundation conceived the idea of Dakshinachitra, which opened to the public in 1996.

The rich cultural heritage of south India is exhibited through the typical houses of various states and different communities. Check out a typical Nair tharavad of Kerala or the house of a Syrian Christian family. Walk down a Brahmin Agraharam of Tamil Nadu or weave your way through the houses of weavers. Don't miss the terracotta Ayyanars at the entrance of the village. The houses of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka also display their unique architecture and plan.

Kerala style tiled roof supported by wooden pillars with kerosene metal lamp hanging in the corners contrast with Karaikudi Chettiar houses with narrow windows with elaborate lattice worked wooden awnings in broad tree lined streets inside. Each house is carefully crafted to model a typical house of the foregone era belonging to some communities of South India. Inside the house, you will find typical artifacts, floorings and even kitchen utensils to recreate a visual image of our traditional past.

Various educational programs are conducted to acquaint children with arts and crafts. They can try their hand at block painting or paper crafts. Regular folk dances, puppetry and native street shows enthrall kids and give them a peek into the lifestyle of the people of earlier times. You can pick up some coffee table curios or crafts produce from the store at Dakshinachitra. From brass urlis and stone carvings to simple woven baskets and exquisite pottery, you can find it here!