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Tata Electric Car - Nexon EV leads the electric car revolution with disruptive features and price. The Nexon EV uses a PM synchronous motor with 30.2 Kwh Li-Ion battery at an unprecedented warranty of 8 years.

Tata - Nexon EV is an Electric version of the trusty Nexon car.

Power mill : Tata uses a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor that is rated to deliver about 129 BHP. They call this ZIPTRON - Tata's own electric vehicle technology. It embodies distinctive characteristics: efficient high voltage system, zippy performance, long-range and fast charging capability.

Fuel Cost: To charge the battery fully it will cost about Rs.150 based on the domestic electricity charge of Rs.5 per kWh. So this Nexon EV probably will save you tons of money on fuel cost alone.

Features Nexon EV is loaded to the gills with features: Smart regenerative braking, Hill Ascent Assist and Hill Descent Assist other than the all the standard features of the conventional fuel powered Nexon.

Electrical Power Charging: The battery pack is a 30.2 kWh High energy density Lithium ion battery pack. The car has an inbuilt charging circuit that can be used to charge the car either normally or fast charging method.

Estimated regular charging time (SOC 10% to 90% from any 15 A plug point) : 8.5 Hours

Estimated Fast Charging time (SOC 0%-80%): 60 minutes

It conforms to the CCS2 Charging Standard. The electric motor and the Li-ion battery pack come with a factory warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km. The rest of the Nexon EV comes with a warranty of 3 years or 125,000 km. Tata has complete faith in this product and that is why they offer this kind of warranty to protect the interests of the buyer. Another thing is the motor and the battery pack are protected against the ingress of water to the standard of IP 67.

You would be surprised at the rapid pickup when you floor the A pedal. For a car weighing almost 1.4 T, this car surges ahead very quietly. You don't get to hear the sound of the conventional engine as there is no such an engine here. The motor controlled by power electronics under the supervision of multiple ECU works out the power required to pull the car to the targeted speed as input by the Accelerator pedal and transmits the power to the wheels. Everything is almost silent.

Many would wonder about the longevity of the Lithium Ion battery pack. Predictive modeling by the United States of America's National Renewable Energy Laboratory indicates that today’s batteries may last 12 to 15 years in moderate climates (8 to 12 years in extreme climates). This model shows that reliable operations - charging/discharging cycles are possible upto about 2800 times under carefully managed conditions under temperate climates (temperature). Now you know why Tata offers 8 years as warranty to the motor /battery pack.

Onboard charger : Takes the incoming AC mains supplied via the charge port and converts it to DC power for charging the traction battery. It monitors battery characteristics such as voltage, current, temperature, and state of charge while charging the pack.

The efficiency and driving range of EVs varies substantially based on driving conditions. Extreme outside temperatures tend to reduce range, because more energy must be used to heat or cool the cabin. High driving speeds reduce range because of the energy required to overcome increased drag. Compared with gradual acceleration, rapid acceleration reduces range. Hauling heavy loads or driving up significant inclines also reduces range.

Tata Nexon:EV Specifications: Tata Nexon:EV has PM Motor engine which delivers 129 BHP with a torque figure of 245 Nm. This model comes with Air conditioning as standard fitting. Nexon:EV from Tata has Power steering and Power Windows. It is outfitted with central door locking in tune with its class.

Tata Nexon:EV - SUV Car segment is equipped with a speed gearbox.

Tata Nexon:EV Price: Tata Nexon:EV in India costs approximately about Rs. 13.99 lakhs (showroom price)for the base version in Chennai( Price may vary depending upon the local taxes and Octroi ) at the time of publishing this page. Please note that the car manufacturer - Tata may increase/decrease the list price at any time. Again you may note that the price mentioned here is for the Electric variant. On the road price will depend on the GST, Road tax, Insurance and extended warranty fees if any.

The information presented in this page has been collected from the respective web site of the manufacturer amongst other reliable sources. We have summarized the various features of this Tata Nexon:EV in a tabular format below.

Cost & Performance Model Features
Product     Tata-Nexon:EV
Price(in lakhs)     13.99
Engine     PM Motor
Power(bhp)     129
Torque(Nm)     245
Tata Nexon:EV Picture
Tubeless Tyres     Yes
Music System     Yes
Air Condition     Yes
Adjustment Steering     Yes
Power Steering     Yes
Power Windows     Yes
Alloy     Yes
Segment     SUV
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