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Bumper Guard

is designed to protect your automobile from surviving the collision without causing much damage to the vehicle's frame. But now customized bumper guards serve as another fashion statement in the world of Automobile Accessories. This page, part of the exhaustive collection of informative pages on Automobiles, looks at the technology behind this essential gear.
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Bumper as the name suggests, offers protection to a vehicle by bumping off anything that collides into it. Bumpers in an automobile are designed to survive the collision without causing much damage to the vehicle's frame even after the vehicle has bumped into another vehicle. Brush guards; push bars, etc. were introduced later to provide additional protection to the vehicle. Bumpers were originally made from heavy steel. Later they came to be made from rubber, plastic or painted light metal thus making them vulnerable to damage from even a minimal contact. Most vehicles having bumpers cannot push or be pushed by any another vehicle. Modern day automobile industry has developed a variety of new guards to guard the vulnerable modern bumpers.

In the beginning bumpers resembled a strap of flat iron and during the 1960s they became chromed bumpers. In the 1970s self repairing bumpers were introduced and after soon they became a style statement for vehicles and were made mandatory for any vehicle. During the late1980s self repairing bumpers went out of style and were replaced with fiberglass bumpers.

Bumpers are referred to as bullbars in some parts of the world. Bullbar is fixed to the front part of a vehicle especially SUVs. It goes with the "tough" look of the vehicle. It offers protection to the front part of the vehicle and its passengers when the vehicle collides accidentally into an animal. They are available in a variety of sizes and forms. They are generally made from welded steel or aluminum tubing. In the recent times bullbars are made from molded polycarbonate and polyethylene materials. Bull in bullbar refers to cattle and the bullbar was designed to offer protection against these cattle.

Bumper guard

A study points out that more than 80% of the scratches that come on a bumper are while the car is parked. Bumper protection is a huge concern while parking cars in any street in any city. Front and rear bumper guards help to protect your car bumpers from minor scratches and scrapes.

Bumper guards are very easy and simple to use - all you have to do is paste them on the corners of the front and rear bumpers of your car. These guards do not damage the car paint and are available in black, silver, white and clear colors and come in various sizes. Just keep the bumper clean and dry, peel off the tape and stick the bumper guard on to the bumper. Give some standing time and your bumper guards are ready for use.

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Bumper Guard