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Car Navigation System

makes traveling even in unfamiliar regions easy and comfortable. Car navigational visual systems make effective use of GPS systems powered by satellites. This page, part of the exhaustive collection of informative pages on Automobiles, looks at the technology behind this essential gear.
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Navigation systems help to alleviate the frustrations and anxieties of a way-finder. In Japan, as early as 1997, more than 3.5 million vehicles currently have had route guidance systems installed. Navigation systems are a perfect aid for family road trips, on-the-road-jobs or a sight seeing outing. With increasing capabilities, navigation in cars has become an easy and quick system. There is no reason to falter on the track unable to follow an unreadable map. The on-board navigation systems in cars guide from point A to point B and no map folding is required here.

How to choose the right navigation system for car?

  • Navigation systems come built-in or portable. Built-in systems are more expensive.
  • In case of buying a built-in system, it is essential to check and see if the system will work on a particular car before buying it.
  • Navigation systems are evolving very rapidly and it is necessary to check for up-gradation. Buy a navigation system that has scope for up-gradation in future.
  • Navigation system, like any other electronic gadget is prone to malfunction and other practical usage problems. It is necessary to get a warranty on the system.
  • It is always recommended to have a professional install the built-in car navigation system.

Car navigation system functioning

A basic car navigation system consists of display monitors, internal gyroscope and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) antenna. The GPS system sends signals to a satellite orbiting the earth. This satellite takes the signal and fixes the position on the ground, determining the location of the car. From then on, the system consults the mapping data on the CD/DVD and calculates the distance and directions from where the car is and the destination it is headed. In this manner, the system suggests the shortest route, fastest route, avoiding major and secondary roads.

The self regulating gyroscope monitors the car's turns and speed sensor monitors the car's speed and mileage traveled. Visual displays and voice prompts precisely alert the driver which street he is on and the distance from the destination.

Installing an effective car navigation system

The first and foremost step is to decide whether a built-in or a portable navigation system would suit one's car. While a portable system can be taken even on walks, its features are rather limited when compared to a built-in system. Purchase of car navigation system would also depend much on your budget.

In choosing the right navigation system for one's car, certain prominent factors like price range, size, weight, level of control, voice features and other options have to be considered. Most navigation systems can simply be mounted on the dash or easily placed in the trunk, glove box or even under the driver seat. But installing the touch screen monitors and sensor wires should be essentially done by a professional. Otherwise the directions may be inaccurate, causing confusions in the bargain. It is recommended to employ the services of certified installers to ensure efficient and accurate navigation system.

Car navigation system

  • A compatible DVD ROM with ample storage space saves the hassle of switching discs.
  • The retractable monitor is a theft deterrent feature and is a great space saver. It allows easy access to any dash board controls that might otherwise be blocked by the monitor.
  • Multiple viewing models allow the driver view a conventional overview and a 'driver view' as if looking through a wind shield as well as spoken instructions.
  • Some CD DVDs provide comprehensive and even little known tourist attractions at length. Points of Interest (POI) allows the traveler to search the database by name, address and phone numbers as well browse city and category, such as gas stations, airports, hotels, stores and other such details.
  • A DVD player is a great space saving feature as the same unit can be of use for navigation, playing audio CDs and DVD movies at once. However safety regulations instruct not to play DVD movies on the in-dash navigation screen unless the emergency break is engaged.

Present day navigation systems makes traveling even in unfamiliar regions easy and comfortable. The voice prompts and visual maps of an effective GPS system can guide anyone anywhere on this universe as they are powered by satellites.

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Car navigation system