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Car seat covers come in a dazzling range of colors, fabrics and styles. Madrasi.Info has hundreds of informative pages for the Car lovers. This page takes you on a guided tour of the colorful world of Car Seat Covers.
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Cars characterize the personality and the style quotient of a person. Car seat covers provide aesthetics, comfort, style and safety for the user. Choose the right seat cover to boost the décor of your car. Car seats experience maximum wear and tear in a car interior. Dust particles, dirt, sweat and spills give car seats an old, grimy and dull look.

Car seat covers are available in various sizes and shapes. Car seat covers are manufactured in various fabrics, colors and patterns. Car seat covers are also available in various price ranges.

Car seat cover types

Custom fit: These seat covers are made to suit individual requirements. They are expensive when compared to other seat covers though they look like any other seat cover. Custom-made seat covers do not get in the way of the seat belt, headrest, seat control buttons or side-impact air bags. These seat covers fit only a particular car seat.

Semi-custom seat covers: They match custom-made seat covers in all ways though they are not as expensive. These seat covers will fit all seats of a particular model of car.

Universal seat covers: These seat covers are made to fit any kind of car seat. These car seat covers are the least expensive and can be used on any type of car seat. They have to be just stretched on the existing seat.

  • Car seat covers protect the car seat from spills of any kind.
  • Seat covers protect the seat from pet hair.
  • Seat covers protect the seat from dirt, sweat, and grime.
  • Seat covers make you feel comfortable while seated in the car.
  • Seat covers boost the décor of your car.
  • Seat covers protect the seat from any possible damage.

Car seat cover material

Car seat covers provide security and visual appeal to your car seats. Choose from a range of seat cover fabrics like neoprene, tweed, sheepskin and velour. Go in for durable tweed or cordoba if you are looking for long lasting seat covers. Sheepskin covers maintain a steady temperature thus making them comfortable for use. Stain-resistant polyester or cotton is also a good option for car seat covers. Installation methods depend on the style of seat covers. It might be prudent to have professional installation done in the case of custom-built car seats. You can have your initials, company logo or preferred patterns embroidered on your car seat covers.

Choosing car seat covers
  • The car seat cover has to match the interiors of your car. It has to blend with the door panels, dash, console and the carpets of your car.
  • Choose the car seat cover depending on the seat type, car seat covers vary for bucket type seats, split seats etc. If your seats have a headrest then you have to choose seat covers to cover this too.
  • Choose a car seat cover that is washable and stain resistant. For long travels on grimy roads it is suitable to use durable and tough seat covers.
  • Custom-made seat covers will suit your car seats the best as they are made just for the seats of your car.
  • If you wish to change your car seat covers regularly, settle in for a low budget seat cover. If you wish to use the same seat cover for a longer period use a car seat cover of high quality, this might be expensive but will be the best choice.
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Car Seat Covers