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Vastu Shastra Tips

The principles of Vastu Shastra are applied during the construction of houses and offices so as to create harmony with the forces of nature and harness their positive energy and not to conquer them. Listed below are some Vastu tips that are followed in homes and offices:

  • Desks in offices and home must not face the window. Instead light coming from the left will work best. If a person suffers eyestrain, it affects and disturbs the internal harmony.

  • Dining tables must have at least 4 chairs as single chair signifies loneliness. Chairs must be placed in even numbers.

  • Another vastu tip is to avoid placing the bathroom near the front door as this will cause good fortune coming in from the front door to be flushed away.

  • Columns in a building must be placed in even numbers in any construction.

  • In an office, the north east corner must be left empty.

  • In a bedroom, the bed must not be placed below a beam or sloping ceiling. It must be placed in way that allows the person sleeping to see anyone entering the bedroom. Placing a bed against a wall lends stability.

  • In a kitchen, the water and fire conflict must be avoided. Do not place the refrigerator close to the washing sink. The bathroom must not be close to the kitchen. Kitchen taps must be placed in the north east corner of the kitchen. The person cooking must face East preferably.

Vastu Guide

The threshold is the most important part of a house and all vastu guides will advice you to place the front door to face north or east so as to invoke positive energy flow. Entrance and hallways must be adequately lit. Encourage energetic movement of energy in the living room as this is a place that the family spends most of its time.

The kitchen is an integral element of any house and it is essential that it be correctly placed. The dining room must exude a restful environment to aid good digestion. Restful sleep is essential to good health and to this end, the bedroom must be placed in the southwest corner. Positioning the study correctly in the northeast can have a tremendous impact on your work and study.

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Vastu Tips