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Madrasi is your city guide to Chennai India. Floors can transform a house to a Home. It can add to the livability or the wrong choice can result in a disaster too. Check out the Flooring options - Rajasthan Makrana Marble or the local ethnic Athangudy tiles here.
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Flooring options

Flooring enhances the face value of a room. A mere change in the home flooring can do wonders for the d├ęcor of your house. With various options available and minimal clutter involved in altering home floorings, it is little wonder that home flooring is increasingly opted for so as to lend a feeling of space and luxury.


Tiles are stealing the show these days and have become the favorite choice among customers. Tiles are further classified as ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles.

Ceramic tiles are very popular as they are easy to maintain when compared to other flooring options. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Ceramic tiles are priced according to the quality and are priced between Rs 6 to Rs 7 per sq ft to Rs. 500 per sq ft. Tiles have to be fixed with a lot of care. While fixing a tile the following should be considered

  • The flooring should be even else the tile might break.
  • The grouts have to be sealed perfectly else they will absorb water thereby discoloring the tiles; the joints in the tiles will also become noticeable.

Vitrified tiles

are convenient to use when compared to ceramic tiles. They absorb less water when compared to ceramic tiles as they are fired under very high temperatures. They are tougher and rigid when compared to ceramic tiles and are scratch resistant too. Vitrified tiles can be butt-joined thus avoiding grouts and can be laid in any room with ease. These tiles are priced at Rs. 50 per sq ft.

In general while buying tiles remember most of them belong to the glazed and slippery variety. Choose tiles that are not very slippery and for your bathrooms remember to choose anti-skid tiles.

Advantages of tile flooring

  • In humid and warm climatic conditions, tile flooring remains cool and gives the user a comfortable feel.
  • Most tiles are durable and last for a long time.
  • Tiles can be chosen as per the budget.
  • Tiles can be fixed on any type of flooring.
  • Tiles are made from natural material and are thus eco-friendly.

Marble: Marble flooring was earlier considered very premium flooring. Today with different kinds of marble available, it is not out of the reach of many a person to opt for marble flooring for the home. The most commonly used marble flooring for Indian homes is the makrana variety. It is priced from Rs. 30 per sq ft upwards. While choosing Indian marble for flooring, remember not to choose the extremely shining variety as this attracts more dust and may also develop cracks.

If your budget can be stretched, then consider buying Italian, Greek or Spanish marble. They come with a sparkling finish and are priced at Rs 250 per sq ft upwards. The main disadvantage of these varieties of marble is that they require regular polishing and tend to develop cracks.

Wooden laminates

Give your place a country look by opting for wooden laminates. Chennai has a hot and humid climate thus it is not practical to use wooden floorings. You might wonder how few hotels maintain wooden floorings in the same climatic conditions; these hotels in fact use wooden laminates and not real wood for their flooring. This flooring has an appearance similar to that of wooden flooring but is much easier to install and maintain.

The main advantage of this flooring is that it is stain resistant and abrasion resistant. Wooden laminates can be laid on the existing flooring itself, care should be taken that the existing floor is even. Wooden laminates stay intact for about twenty years and are priced between Rs. 80 and Rs. 400 per sq ft. This floor should not be cleaned using a wet mop cloth as excess water and dampness is easily retained by this flooring.

Advantages of laminate flooring

  • It lends an elegant look to the room.
  • It is relatively easy to fix this flooring.
  • Very easy to clean this flooring.
  • Can be fixed on any type of hard surface.
  • Very economical when compared with other flooring types.


An easy to maintain flooring, granite is pretty tough too. It is often used to make slabs for kitchen counters and bathroom counters. Granite can be combined with marble and used for flooring. Granite is more expensive than marble. Granite being less porous than marble has become a popular flooring choice. Maintenance needed is lesser than marble. There are many attractive color combinations. Granite is more resistant to stains.

Hardwood floors:

Hardwood floors have remained a hot favorite for long time. This flooring provides a room with warmth and grandeur. Hardwood floors are made from an assortment of special and domestic wood. People are opting for hardwood floors as they can be laid easily, hardwood floors are priced at Rs. 150 upwards. The price varies according to the type of timber used.

Hardwood floor has to be laid only by professionals as the sanding and finishing part of this flooring is very important. Regular wear and tear of this floor warrants regular sanding and refinishing every few years. A rug or dhurri can be used over this flooring. This flooring has to be maintained with utmost care as it can retain moisture and also attract termites.

Advantages of wooden flooring

  • Wooden flooring can be kept clean by sweeping and vacuuming.
  • It is eco-friendly as it is made from renewable and natural sources.
  • It is available in a range of colors, prices and styles.
  • The flooring does not retain any stain.
  • The life for these floorings is longer when compared to other floorings.

Linoleum/vinyl flooring:

People who look at economical flooring options can choose this type of flooring. It is sold in the form of ready to paste sheets and is priced from Rs. 10 per sq ft upwards. The major disadvantage of this type of flooring is that it is not long-lasting. Linoleum/vinyl flooring is fire resistant and is water proof too.

Traditional/ethnic flooring options

In India traditional flooring is done largely with terracotta or brick tiles.

Brick tiles: Brick tiles look attractive and are easy to maintain too too. The major disadvantage of brick tiles is that it does not give the flooring a polished look and easily absorbs wetness.

Terracotta tiles: These tiles are making a style statement of late and are in high demand. They are available in polished and etched varieties.

Kota stone and Jaisalmer stone: These stones are largely used in the verandah and staircase of a house. They are very tough and they are priced reasonably.

Popular options for Chennai flooring

Special-effect flooring: Synthetic marble flooring with semi-precious stones set in them is another well-sought after flooring option in Chennai. Few popular finishes in this type of flooring are the traditional finish and the magic stone finish. The magic stone finish has night sky effect in it with stars twinkling. The magic stone variety of flooring is made from a combination of silica, feldspar, granite, and quartz and costs Rs 400 per sq ft. It is easy to maintain this type of flooring.

Athangudi tiles: Traditional tile designs from the Chettinad region are an ethnic flooring choice. The specialty of these terracotta tiles is that they are handmade and dried in the sun. A variety of colorful and vibrant design patterns are made on these tiles giving these tiles a touch of tradition. These tiles are made from a combination of cement, sand, baby jelly, and synthetic oxides. The vibrant base colors and the drawings on the Athangudi tiles make them unique and different from the other tiles available in the market.

Floral designs and geometric shapes make these tiles special; these tiles can be made to order to suit individual customer needs. These tiles are pretty heavy and should be laid very carefully by experts. These tiles cannot be polished with machines; they can be cleaned with husk. For daily maintenance these tiles can be wet-mopped. A few drops of oil added with water while keeps the shine intact. These tiles are priced between Rs. 22 and INR 25 per sq ft.

Choosing the right flooring type

Color: Choose floor colors that blend well with the interior and furniture of the room. Light colored flooring tend to get dirty very soon while dark colored flooring is easier to maintain.

Durability: Choose flooring according to the usage of the area. If the area is used frequently then choose flooring that can withstand the wear and tear.

Light: Polished floor surface reflects more light when compared to dark floor.

Design: Choose flooring that will suit the interiors of your living space.

Comfort: The flooring you choose should be comfortable for all users, remember highly glossy floors can be very slippery too. Choose flooring with grip for areas where plenty of water is used.

Cost: Cost of the flooring is the main factor you should consider while selecting floorings. It should suit your budget, check for all types of costs like installation cost, transportation cost, labor cost, etc.

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