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Henna Hair Dye

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Henna Hair Dye

Chemical free, natural, economical - henna hair dye has been used in Asian cultures for centuries. Henna hair dye is a natural product and is the oldest existing hair dye. Henna has been in use since 3400 BC and is a great but simple method of coloring the hair. It is understood that Cleopatra used henna along with indigo to dye her long black tresses. Henna is mentioned in the bible (Song of Songs) as an adornment for the hair. Prophet Muhammad used henna to dye his hair and beard. Henna also works wonders as a conditioner. Little wonder that henna hair conditioner packs are very popular.

Henna the natural hair dye

Henna is available in two shades:

Red: Red henna is natural and coats a red color on your hair

Black: Black henna is actually not henna, it is indigo. Indigo colors the hair black. Since it is a natural colorant it is teamed with henna and is used for coloring hair.

Red henna is mixed with black henna in various proportions to get colors of choice. Black henna mixed with little red henna produces a brownish tinge on the hair. Red henna with little black henna produces an auburn-red tinge on the hair. If you mix henna with red wine instead of water it lends a burgundy effect to the hair. To make the process simple, there are pre-mixed henna hair dye packs available in the market. Choose the right quality product to suit your hair type.

Applying henna to the hair

  • Depending on your hair length, measure henna and put it in a mixing bowl. (100g for short hair, 200g collar length straight hair, 300g shoulder length straight hair, 500g waist length hair).
  • Add water consistently and mix thoroughly, the consistency of the henna should be similar to that of cake batter. Ensure there are no lumps in the mixed paste.
  • Add a few drops of lemon to this mixture; lemon will help the dye in the henna to release the stain effectively.
  • Set the henna paste aside for two-three hours before using it. It is preferable to leave the henna paste stay overnight at room temperature.
  • Comb your hair into sections.
  • With the help of a plastic or rubber glove, scoop the paste with your hand and apply the paste right from the root of the hair until the end of the hair. Start henna application from the nape of you neck and work it upwards. You can use a hair brush too but applying with hands is more effective.
  • Apply the henna thickly.
  • After applying throughout your hair, cover your head with a shower cap.
  • Let the henna stay in your hair for about three hours. Keep the pack warm as warmth brings out the best color. Henna acts effectively if you use a blow dryer to keep your pack warm.
  • After three hours, wash your hair thoroughly and ensure all the henna remains are washed out.
  • Shampoo your hair and apply a conditioner (this helps in removing the last bits of henna stuck to your hair), style your hair the way you wish.

Henna application tips

  • Henna stains skin, clothes, and towels. Be careful while applying the paste.
  • To find out how long the henna paste should stay in your hair to get the right hair color, take small strands of hair and apply the paste. Wash a strand after two hours check the coloring effect, wash another strand after three hours and check the coloring effect. This will help you decide on the number of hours you should leave the paste on your hair.
  • While washing the henna paste, wash your hair thoroughly as dried henna is difficult to remove.
  • If you are using a pre-mixed tube, just open the tube and apply the henna on your hair while following the instructions rightly. Stick on to the timing and the washing instructions perfectly.

Advantages of henna hair dye
  • Henna gives your hair a glossy look
  • Henna improves hair growth
  • Henna makes your hair soft
  • Henna makes hair healthy and strengthens it
  • Henna improves body for any type of hair
  • Henna lends your hair better texture and feel
  • Henna dispels heat and cures neurosis
  • Henna protects hair from sun damage by blocking UV rays, pollution and wind.
  • People are rarely allergic to henna

Facts about henna hair dye
  • Henna covers gray hair but not totally.
  • Henna once applies fades away very slowly; it takes about six months for the tinge to leave your hair completely. You can re-apply henna once in four weeks to cover gray hair and condition your hair too.
  • Henna highlights hair strands and does not lighten the hair color.
  • You can choose henna depending on the shade you require for your hair.
  • Color effect on the hair depends on the henna you have chosen, how long you keep the henna on your hair, hair history etc.

Henna can be mixed to suit your particular hair type. Popular henna mixings are:

  • Henna is mixed with special essential oils to suit dry hair types.
  • Henna mixed with eggs makes hair soft and also conditions the hair.
  • Henna can be mixed with vinegar to condition the hair.

Henna hair conditioner

Henna is a natural conditioner for the hair. Henna improves body and brings life to limp hair. Dry or damaged hair can be re-vitalized using henna. Henna is well known as a wonderful hair conditioner. Try these henna hair conditioner packs and see the effect:

For dry hair: mix henna with milk, water, and 1-2 egg yolk. Apply once in a month, this pack will make your hair soft and manageable.

For oily and normal hair: Add lemon, eggs, and water in the henna and apply. You can use this pack twice a month.

Henna hair conditioner recipe

Henna to suit your hair length
Egg 1
Coffee powder 1tbsp
Red label tea (any type) 1 tbsp
Curd 1 tbsp

Preparation and use
  • Boil coffee and tea powder together in 11/2 cup water and allow it to cool.
  • Use an iron skillet to mix all the ingredients.
  • Leave it aside overnight.
  • Apply the paste on hair and leave it for 2-3 hours and wash well with lukewarm water.
  • That night massage olive oil on the hair.
  • Shampoo the next day.
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Henna Hair Dye