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Mutton Kebab

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Introduction: Cooking is not just the right ingredients alone. It is a lot more than the sum of all the ingredients put together. Cooking is an Art and Science. The most distinctive feature of Indian cuisine is the addition of famed Indian spices and seasonings. Indian cuisine primarily consists of ginger,chilies, turmeric, cloves, coriander, cumin, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, fenugreek, nutmeg, poppy seeds, saffron and mustard seeds to name a few. The ingredients, method and technique vary from one region to another. South Indian Vegetarians add mustard seeds and fenugreek in flavoring their food whilst the North Indians add aromatic spices such as cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon - probably influenced by the Moghals. Most dishes start with Onions and garlic, sautéed in oil. People from the West Coast of India use Coconut oil more than others. People from the Bengal use mustard seed oil while the Tamils use Gingily oil ( Nalla Ennai) more.

Mutton Kebab: Ideally for most mutton dishes you need tender meat. It has the right texture and takes less time to cook. Dry roast the spices in a hot Kadai/Wok to bring out the aroma before you grind them. The following method is a simple version where you deep fry the kebabs. If you want to be a purist, you can grill them interlaced with Onions cubes and Green bell pepper (capsicum).


Minced meat - 150 gms
Onion - 2 nos.
Tomatoes - 2 nos.
Green chilli - 2 nos.
Coriander - 1 bunch
Coriander seeds (whole) - 2 tsp
Mint - 1 bunch
Garlic - 10 pods
Lemon - 1 no.(big)
Bajra (flour) - 1 cup.
Salt to taste
Oil for frying


  • Cut onions, tomatoes, green chillies and garlic pods finely into small pieces.

  • Wash minced meat, drain water and keep aside.

  • Wash coriander and mint leaves. Drain water and keep aside.

  • Squeeze lemon. Keep aside lemon juice.


  • Mix minced mutton, onions, tomatoes, green chilli, garlic pods, coriander and mint leaves, lemon juice, salt and refrigerate for ½ hour to 1 hour.

  • Just before frying add bajra flour and mix well.

  • Heat oil for frying kebabs.

  • Make the mixed mixture into round shaped balls (lemon size) and slowly drop in the oil.

  • Fry in low flame.

  • Wait for the kebabs to turn light brown.

  • Serve hot with tomato sauce or mint chutney or as a side dish for biryani, fried rice.

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South Indian Recipes - Mutton Keema