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Kongu Kozhi Varuval

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Chicken Varuval

Kongu Kozhi Varuval - Coimbatore type Chicken dry roast in English, is one of the most popular Non-vegetarian dishes from Tamil Nadu. Dry Chicken roast has many variations - Kongu - Coimbatore type they add grated coconut ( probably influenced by the West coast Kerala and Mangalorean habit of using coconut) and Chettinad type - where they add more roasted spices (Masala). Here this Chicken Varuval has masala floating to the top. For extra flavor, add curry leaves fried crisp in ghee on top. The curry leaves and the fresh green coriander leaves accentuate the aroma and texture.

Chef's Tip: As in all things, select fresh ingredients for the best results. Chicken needs to be from a young bird. Roast the spices for the masala dry in a wide Kadai (wok) for a few minutes to bring out the flavor.


Chicken pieces, 500 gm
Tomatoes 150g
Onions 150 g
Red chilies 4
Peppercorns 10
Turmeric Powder 1tsp
Ghee 50 g
Grated Coconut 1 cup
Coriander leaves 1 tsp
A small sprig of Coriander leaves for Garnishing

Grind together the grated coconut and coriander leaves into a paste and keep it aside. Grind peppercorns, red chilies, onions and turmeric powder and keep it aside. Heat ghee in a pan and ad the onions paste and cook until raw smell goes off. Add the coconut paste and chicken pieces to the pan. Stir them continuously, close the pan and cook for 20 minutes on low flame. Add tomatoes, sprinkle water if required and mix the contents thoroughly and cook for another ten minutes. Cook until the chicken gets tender. Garnish with coriander leaves.

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