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Air Hostess Training

This informative guide to airhostess career, training and eligibility as well as job prospects is sure to be of help to promising youngsters. Find out how airhostess training institutes groom candidates for this high-flying career.
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If you enjoy traveling and interacting with different kinds of people and are smart, young and efficient, have you considered working with an airline? With the Indian skies opening up to so many private airlines, the need for well-trained efficient air hostesses and cabin crew is on the increase. Excellent remuneration coupled with the thrill of flying to different places makes it an attractive career option.

Air hostess career

The career option of an airhostess is an exciting and enjoyable one. Yet, it is not as easy as it appears to be. This is a highly demanding profession and requires lots of patience and energy. The airhostess is responsible for the safety and convenience of the passengers in-flight.

The duty hours are normally odd as flights depart and arrive at different times in different countries and locations. The working hours are also flexible and an airhostess / flight purser has to work on any day of the year. The airhostess has to welcome passengers into the flight, make them comfortable in their seats, offer beverages and food and coordinate with security personnel and provide safety directions to the passengers.

In addition, the job also entails learning the technical aspects of flight operations and skills required for handling difficult and emergency situations. Cabin crew careers demand strong conviction, a commitment to duty and physical hard.

Eligibility criteria

These days with a number of private players entering the operation of air services, there is a huge demand for trained manpower. The aspiring applicant for the post of an airhostess should be physically fit with a pleasing personality and posture and a clear complexion. The height should be a minimum of 5' 3" and the weight proportionate to the height. The eyesight should be normal with 6/6 uncorrected vision in each eye. The flight purser should be single, between the age group of 21 to 27 years; his height should be a minimum of 5' 6" and weight in proportion to the height.

Certain personal attributes are essential for an air hostess/ flight purser - common sense, presence of mind, sense of responsibility, friendly outgoing personality, unruffled by emergencies; a well modulated and pleasant tone of voice and graceful carriage.

Eligibility for an air hostess/ purser training program is a plus-two degree for domestic airlines and a graduate degree for international airlines. An additional diploma in hotel or tourism management is imperative. Fluency in English and Hindi and knowledge of an international language is an added advantage. The aspirant should be an eligible Indian Passport holder and should be unmarried.

Airhostess Training Institutes

There are several institutes that offer training programs to develop basic skills required for the profession of an air hostess/ flight purser catering to the demand of the airline sector. The Human Resources Development Ministry has incorporated travel and tourism courses in all major management institutes across the country. Several private institutes are also grooming talent.

The training regimen for an airhostess /purser begins for those who have qualified in a written examination and group discussion and also have succeeded in the personal interview. The training period is normally for two to three month's duration.

Several topics relevant to the profession including the essentials behind client service, personal grooming and hygiene, safety and first aid during times of emergency are taught. Both technical and non technical aspects of the aircraft are dealt. In-flight service, passenger handling, emergency evacuation system, first aid, handling of visually impaired and disabled passengers, making announcements and demonstrations are imparted to the trainees.

Career prospects and scope

The next step for an air hostess/flight purser after about eight to ten years experience is promotion to the grade of Senior Flight Attendant. The next position would be the Head Attendant. Alternatively, she may move to Ground staff services as Ground hostess, Check hostess and similar positions. The remuneration of airhostess is reasonably high. A fresher may be paid anywhere between Rs.16, 000/- to Rs.35, 000/ while the head flight attendant may earn up to Rs.70, 000. International airlines offer lucrative packages range between Rs.1.5 lacs to Rs.3 lacs inclusive of perks and other benefits.

Top recruiters include Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Paramount and other domestic airlines, other than the Indian Airlines and Air India are available alongside Singapore airlines, British Airways, Emirates and a host of international airliners offering employment on excellent terms of service.

Airline careers take their toll in the form of erratic time schedules, jet lags, staying away from family...and still a survey reveals that about 40% of school girls prefer to pursue the job of an air hostess once out of school. So much for the magic spell this profession casts on young girls and boys.

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Air Hostess Training