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e-Filing Tax Returns

E-filing or Electronic filing of income tax returns has been introduced by the Government of India for all citizens. With this facility, income tax returns can be filed through the Internet and even a number of statutory forms can be filed this way. Earlier only paper forms had to be filled for filing tax returns. E-filing facility is available in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Mumbai and Patna and now this facility is available in 61 cities across India.

The Ministry of company affairs (MCA), a body of the government that governs the companies and several more government bodies such as the income tax department, central board of excise and customs insists that returns should be filed electronically.

Different methods of online tax filing

  • Using a digital signature, in which case no paper returns is necessary to be submitted - filing electronically

  • If the person filing returns is not using/does not have digital signature, then paper returns with signature have to be submitted compulsorily - filing semi-electronically.

  • Third method allows an intermediary to file the returns on behalf of an individual taxpayer, both electronically and through paper. The intermediaries include chartered accountants and financial bodies who file returns on any individual's behalf.

How to do e-filing

  • Depending on how the individual wishes to e-file, he/she to login in to the income tax portal through the login and password given. Individuals have to login to the income tax portal

  • Download all the required forms and the required utilities from the top menu and the left navigation bar provided on the page.

  • Ensure that you download the XML (Extensible Markup Language) validation utility, as all e-returns filed have to be validated before submission.

  • As per comfort level, choose from PDF, Excel, EXE file formats and the appropriate form to file your returns.

  • Fill in all the required information in a precise manner in the form and format you have chosen and upload the XML file.

  • If you are using a digital signature, drag and paste the digital signature in the space provided, else leave the space blank.

  • Once you have e-filed your tax returns correctly, you will receive an acknowledgement number.

  • If you have signed digitally, your returns are filed else you have to take a printout, sign the form and attach the acknowledgement number given by the Income Tax department site and submit at the nearest IT office.

Prerequisites of E-filing

  • Your system must have the software application that can accept the data and later upload it to the XML version.

  • Any individual or any organization can file their returns electronically only if they posses a valid PAN (Permanent Account Number). Only Forms 1, 2, 3, 3B and 2F can be filed electronically as of date.

  • If you are filing your returns directly and not through an intermediary then you have to first register with the IT portal. To register online you have to provide details on your PAN, date of birth, full name, postal address, phone number and E-mail id.

  • Without registering, no individual can file returns online.
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Online Tax Filing