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Classified Ads with a Difference - You get the same Print media kind of Ads - with the leading word in bold and the rest of the ads in a nice paragraph. Best of all, your ads stay for a long period unlike the print media. Try our free classified ads here in the top Chennai Portal.

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We, at - Chennai City Portal has one more reason to make you come here often - We publish free classified Ads. Look for a new tenant, sell or buy properties in Chennai, sell or buy cars, 2 wheelers or the odd furnitures or sell some services - all through the free classified pages of our Madras portal. We made it easy for you and this service comes to you at the best price - Free.

Details on Free Classified Ads:

These Free Classified Ads pages have been overhauled making them - more User friendly and easy to look for a particular product or service. The ads are shown from the latest to the old.

This ad space is only for genuine products or services. No illegal or unsavoury products, services or ads will be accepted or published. Remember that it is a free service and we reserve the right to remove any ad any time without assigning any reason. We do not subscribe or endorse any of the ads published here.

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DISCLAIMER: We publish the ads on this site in good faith. However, we make no representations, express or implied, to the information and data contained herein or on the ads and we will not be held liable for any information posted on this site.

Please do NOT include any link, URL or reference to any website in your advertisement. Our software will automatically remove any link along with your ad.
We have experienced excessive number of link dropping and unsavoury spammy links on these pages which has forced us to weed out any links. Only One ad per email account is allowed to restrict the number of advertisements released.

Your details such as IP address and Email id are permanently stored in the server. We will not sell your email to anyone. We collect the email address specifically to send you the confirmation of the ad and this email id will be used for sending you the status of the ad. Any ad will be deleted if found to be unsuitable or against our terms and conditions. Please understand that this site is intended for family use. Any foul language or any advertisement offering illegal activities will be deleted without further notice. The free classified ads are targeted at the general public and have been grouped under broad categories for the user convenience.

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