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Learn Patanjalee Yoga from one of the most experienced Yoga teachers in Chennai. Perasiriyar Brahma Shri K.S.Sundareysan wants to share his 50 years of Yogic Experience in these pages for a start...
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The Term Yoga is derived from Sanskrit word Yuj signifying "to unite" - possibly referring to unite the Jeevathma (the self) with Paramathma (the Devine) through a set of rigorous practice of breathing technique and physical postures called as “Asanas”.

Yoga has many forms or styles too. The following are the major systems of Yoga -

Bhakti Yoga (Devotional Yoga)
Karma Yoga (action oriented Yoga)
Hatha Yoga (Yoga through physical path and purification)
Gnana Yoga (yoga through Enlightenment)
Kundalini Yoga (Awakening the psychic centers in the form of a coiled serpent)
Ashtanga Yoga (as propounded by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras)
Mantra Yoga (chanting of verses - Mantras or Slokhas)
Raja Yoga (complete control of mind )

The most popular Yoga is Hatha Yoga as this form tries to harmonize and purify the body and mind in preparation for the eventual union with the divine consciousness. The principles of Hatha Yoga are outlined in the ancient book of Hatha Yoga Pradipika written by Swami Swatmarama. It starts with the cleaning process of the mind and the body through Asanas Physical postures and Pranayama control of the Prana vital energy or bio energy - a form of conscious breathing exercise. It is essential that one learns the proper practice of Yoga directly under a Guru - a teacher with years of experience in imparting the knowledge of Yoga. Imperfect practice can lead to negative effects.

We compare broadly the effects of performing Yoga and other physical exercises as below:

Physical Exercise
Consumption of Oxygen minimal maximum
Respiration and body temperature FallsGoes up high
Metabolic rate slows down Increases
Arrests catabolismCreates catabolism
Muscles receive minimum oxygen while other organs receive moreMuscles receive the most nutrients at the expense of other organs
Heart receives gradual increase of pressurePressure rises fast
Requires minimum foodNeeds maximum food to sustain the energy level
Increased hormonal activityNil
Extra electrical impulses generated by autonomous nervous systemNil
Awareness of inner life to turn towards selfNil

Perasiriyar Brahmashri K.S.Sundareysan, founder and President of Patanjalee Yoga Foundation in Adyar, chennai has been practicing Yoga for about 50 years. He has never been to a hospital in the past 50 years. He wishes to share his knowledge of Yoga with us.

" The Yoga we teach is not one of renunciation, but one of acceptance. You don't need to give up all your bad habits in order to take up Yoga. The message is simply live your life as you normally do with one change - Take up Yoga. It is guaranteed that even as little as 10 minutes daily practice on a regular basis will greatly improve the quality of your life, your bad habits will slip away on their own accord. Regularity and not the length of practice is the crucial factor."

In his Patanjalee Yoga foundation, he conducts Yoga classes of one month duration. After the training period, you can carry on with your Yoga practices individually at your home or opt for a follow-up classes conducted at the Foundation center. In the beginning you should practice quite a few types of yoga in order to improve your body and mind, but later on you can choose the type of yoga for your daily practice and perfect the same.

Patanjalee Yoga Foundation
2/20,2nd Canal cross road,
Gandhinagar Adyar,
Contact No. 9842725876 / 9842902574 / 9841262874

Shri Sundareysan with Tamilnadu Governor Shri Surjit Singh Barnala

Shri Sundareysan with Tamilnadu Governor Shri Surjit Singh Barnala

Perasiriyar with Tamilnadu Governor Shri Surjit Singh Barnala

Founder of Patanjalee Yoga Foundation Perasiriyar Brahma Shri K.S.Sundareysan makes a donation of Rs.100000/-

Perasiriyar with Tamilnadu Governor Shri Surjit Singh Barnala

Felicitation Ceremony at Raj Bhavan

Perasiriyar with Tamilnadu Governor Shri Surjit Singh Barnala
Perasiriyar Brahma Shri K.S.Sundareysan in Padmasana
Garbha Pindasana by Shri K.S.Sundareysan
Garbha Pindasana
Perasiriyar Brahma Shri K.S.Sundareysan
Founder of Patanjalee Yoga Foundation Perasiriyar Brahma Shri K.S.Sundareysan
Ega Paadha Sirasasna performed by Shri K.S.Sundareysan
Eka Paadha Sirasasna
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